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Published January 31, 2018

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit With Retro Gaming Case

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit With Retro Gaming Case Rating:
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Product Description

What is a Raspberry pi 3?
The Raspberry pi 3 is a tiny hand held computer that is used in fun and cool projects.

What cool projects can I make with the included Kit ?
Here are my top 5 projects that you can easily create 1. Retro gaming console 2. Internet Photo Frame 3. Internet Radio 4.Learn to program

Is the Raspberry Pi for me ?
The Raspberry pi is for anyone with a passion for creating. You do NOT have to have any prior programming experience. All you need is the maker spirit -- LEARN MAKE TEACH

What age is this suitable for ?
The raspberry pi is for kids and adults ages 7-107

Kit Content:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with On-board WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity
Rasperry Pi Retro Gaming Style Case
32GB Samsung Evo Micro Sd Card Preloaed with NOOBS & RETROPIE
MicroSD -USB ADAPTER (can be used to Re-Write the SD Card if desired)
2.5A Micro USB Power Supply -- 5-Feet Long
Premium Quality HDMI Cable CEC Enabled
Heatsink for Raspberry Pi - Set of 2 Heat Sink
Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Quick Start Guide

All Parts of the kit are covered by Manufacturer (Vilros) Full 1 Year Warranty
We tested over 25 different Micro SD cards and concluded that the Samsung Evo offers the highest performance and reliability.

NOTE: The Micro SD card may appear as to be of smaller capacity when inserted into a PC as it is pre-partitioned, If formatted it will then show the full capacity which can be expanded as desired.


  • ✓ Includes Official Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi 3) Model B Quad-Core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM--Features On-board WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity [Latest Broadcom BCM2837 Chip]
  • ✓ Includes Samsung 32 GB Evo Plus (Class 10) Micro SD Card Preloaded With NOOBS & RetroPie With MicroSD -USB ADAPTER (can be used to Re-Write the SD Card if desired)
  • ✓ Includes UL Listed 2.5 Amp USB Power Supply with Micro USB Cable and Noise Filter - Designed for the Raspberry Pi 3--Includes Retro Gaming Style Case With Easy Access to all Ports
  • ✓ Includes High Quality 5 FT CEC Compatible HDMI Cable--Set of 2 Heatsink--Vilros Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide
  • ✓ This kit is fully guaranteed for 1 year with our 5 Star US based Customer Support

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